Launch Pad CEO Glen Wakeman Uses His Company to Raise Money for Puerto Rico

The American Red Cross was ready and waiting when Hurricane Irma struck Puerto Rico in September. Thirteen days later, before recovery from Irma could be completed, Hurricane Maria besieged the island for almost a day and a half. Generating 155 mph winds and torrential rains Maria obliterated Puerto Rico’s infrastructure. As of this writing, the larger portion of Puerto Rico is without electric and clean-up is incomplete.


The Red Cross’ Relief fund for Puerto Rico consists of $55 million and that sum is still not enough. The money that the Red Cross raises to help the devastated island comes from private individuals and responsible corporate citizens like Glen Wakeman.


The CEO of Launch Pad Holdings LLC. a company he founded Glen Wakeman believes that a corporation has an obligation to any community in which it does business. Having personally made a $1,000 contribution to the recovery efforts in Puerto Rico, Wakeman encourages his clients to contribute as well.


Monies raised by the Red Cross through the efforts of Glen Wakeman and others provide Maria’s victims with vitally important medical aid. Red Cross nurses and EMTs are working to aid the sick and injured while offering relief to the island’s overtaxed EMS system.


Other Red Cross volunteers are distributing food, water, hand sanitizer, and insect repellent to those affected by the storm ( Home repair kits and work gloves are among the other relief items being distributed.


The Red Cross has provided technologies like satellite phones to Puerto Ricans to ease the communications problems caused by Maria. For all that has been accomplished, there is still much that needs to be done.


Glen Wakeman earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton. He also holds an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago. His current company Launch Pad Holdings finds seed money for and offers guidance to fledgling companies.


He is an international citizen who has lived and or worked in 38 countries. During his working life, Glen Wakeman has earned respect for his business acumen and skills as a mentor to CEOs (LinkedIn).


Energy Distribution and Humanitarian Services-Stream Energy

Texas Retail Electric Provider Brand Trust Study published a report in 2017 in Cogent Reports. According to the study, it was clear that Stream Energy is greatly impacted by customer’s activities as well as the community. Texas Retail Electric Provider Brand Trusts carried out their study by surveying about 5881 Stream Energy customers on nine different factors among them; environmental dedication, local reputation, communication effectiveness, customer services, billing, competitive rates, enhanced offering, as well as reliable quality. Texas residence wants their energy provider, Stream Energy to be supportive in times of disaster as they were during the Hurricane Harvey. The representative who will be quick at their service will be greatly awarded long-term business success as well as customer trust.

Stream Energy has been active in the community and recently it contributed $25000 million to the people affected by Hurricane Harvey through American Red Cross ( In addition Stream, Energy waved late fees for their customers who used their wireless services as well as energy for clients were not able to make their payment during the disaster and also the recovery period. Another group of people who were to benefit included those affected by Hurricane Irma and the organization swayed the international calls between the United States and other countries affected by the storm.

Stream Energy is a leading direct selling organization as well as the largest provider of connected life services. Stream Energy is a Dallas, Texas-based firm that was founded in 2005. Stream Energy provides quality energy services as well as products which include; home services, energy services, wireless services, as well as protective services. The energy service provider was created with a primary mandate of delivering quality services that will keep their clients on the go with the latest lifestyle, and keep them connected.

Ever since the foundation of the company; it has been expanding and within a short period it has extended their services and products to other regions including; Georgia, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington D.C as well as Texas. Stream Energy is working hard to further expand their services and according to their management team, the firm’s services will soon be experienced in Illinois.

Strategies Used by The Oxford Club to Create Wealth for Its Members

If you are wondering what the Oxford Club is, this article will explain to you what it is, its leadership, business model and some of the benefits of being part of the club. The Oxford Club is a private network of global investors and entrepreneurs. The Oxford Club has been using tested investment strategies and principles to make profitable returns while investing in the stock market.

Most of the options the Oxford Club invests in include equities, bonds, options, precious metals, currencies among others. The mission of the Oxford Club is to create its member’s wealth that can enable these individuals to enjoy a luxurious life that can afford the things that even money can’t buy.

Julia Guth is the Oxford Club’s chief executive officer. She works with dedicated and experienced executives to make sure that the Oxford Club succeeds in its mission. Under the guidance of Julia, the Oxford Club has been relying on the services of experts in various fields to ensure that the club on makes informed investments.

The Oxford club has been in existence since 1989. However, it started using the current name as of 1991. The company was founded by William Bonner together with other founders. During its establishment, the Oxford Club was a small networking company.

Currently, the Oxford Club offers three distinct membership options. The membership options are the; Premier membership, director’s circle membership and the chairman’s circle membership. The Oxford Club uses a multifaceted investment Philosophy. The club also shares its investment ideas using various investment focused publications promptly.

Networking is one of the most significant benefits of joining the Oxford Club as it enables members to interact with members from 131 nations during the company’s events. The club additionally provides a unique investment philosophy that allows the Oxford to Club’s members to access exclusive content that aid in the creation of wealth.

Members of the Oxford Club enjoy around the clock access to the club’s recommendations and investment strategies. All members of the Oxford club can access a secure online channel through which they get notifications on options to sell or buy and other privileged investment information.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping and the Expanded Shopping Experience of Joao Pessoa

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is a significant landmark in the Brazilian state Paraíba as one of the largest malls in the country. Called as Manaira Shopping, the mall is the center of attraction of João Pessoa, the capital city of Paraíba. The people from the state as well as tourists see the shopping mall as their favorite choice for shopping, entertainment, quality dining, and more. As the proprietor of the shopping mall, Roberto Santiago wants best shopping and entertainment experience for the mall visitors, and he personally supervises and implements new engaging shopping and entertainment choices inside the mall. The 58-year-old entrepreneur was actually foreseeing demand of quality shopping when he started construction of the mall.


As a pioneer of Brazilian shopping mall industry, Roberto Santiago opened the shopping mall in 1989, and he hoped to give a quality shopping experience to the people in the city. His aggressive strategies and regular expansion plans have helped the mall to increase the number of visitors significantly year after the year. Interestingly, the mall has gone through at least five major expansion plans, and currently, it offers a building area of 135,000 square meters with a parking space more than 3,000 vehicles. The mall is considered as an ideal place for families, groups, young people, and more. Additionally, the mall houses many services, including banking, attorney, police, and more, which people can easily access while they visit the mall for shopping.


Manaira Shopping has more than 200 fashion shops, with many of them are exclusive international brands, to ensure an amazing shopping experience. It also provides a wonderful movie experience through 11 cinema halls from Cinepolis. The cinema halls are equipped with Stadium System, VIP rooms, 3D rooms, and other modern technology options. Another major entertainment option for the visitors to the mall is Game Station. It offers over 200 gaming machines in addition to a playground with an area of 1,800 square meters. Roberto Santiago is very specific about making the equipment constantly renewed and imports latest game machines from Japan, the United States, and Italy.


The mall has a large party hall named Domus Hall in the top floors of Marina Shopping. The large hall that can accommodate 8,000 people is the hottest destination in the city for art exhibitions, university and college programs, events, theatrical performances, fairs, receptions, and more. The shopping mall has arranged a specially designed children’s playground called Pirlimpimpim. It helps the parents to leave their children in the playground and continue for the shopping without the need of caring them. The playground has supervisors and caretakers to address the needs of the children. Manaira Shopping also has an excellent fitness center called Smart Fit, and it offers affordable subscription programs for the customers and helps them to live a healthy life.



Richard Blair has a Passion for the Investment Industry

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions, Inc. The company is based in Austin, Texas and is an Investment Advisory Service. Blair earned a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Finance from the University of Houston. With degree in hand, he started his own financial service business. His goal was to help others with financial planning and investments for the purpose of creating a better life and long term financial security.

He was a natural for such an industry and career path. He was from a teaching family and saw firsthand the value of education. His mother and grandmother were both teachers and he was married to a teacher. Education can be a great influence on others and by teaching others to be careful and thoughtful with their finances and financial planning; they will have the security they wish to have. Learn more:

The goal of Wealth Solutions was to provide unbiased advice to clients and offer the opportunity to create wealth without risking long term financial security. Using his educational background and his never ending accrual of relevant experience, Wealth Solutions assists clients to prepare for retirement while bridging the gap between living the work a day world and living out a happy retirement.

Wealth Solutions client base is small business owners, individuals and wealthy families. With his more than twenty years of experience, Blair has the ability to change with the times and adapt to the current economic condition. The company offers a conservative approach to investments and develops unique and individualized solutions to clients. Wealth Solutions, under the leadership of Richard Blair realizes that stay on the forefront of the investment industry, they must keep an eye on the changing environment of investing while always keeping in mind the industry is not a one size fits all business.

Most clients are looking to build wealth and preserve it while developing an income stream that will support them in their golden years and to leave a legacy to their heirs. Blair firmly believes that everyone needs a solid financial plan to grow and manage their assets while protecting the integrity of those assets. The way for clients to build for financial security is to arm them with the best information and strategies the industry allows. Learn more:

Financial success is based on three simple concepts, according to Mr. Blair. The first step is to identify strengths, goals and level of risk they wish to take. The second step is to develop a long term plan addressing the needs of the client. The third step is to help the client develop the strategies to meet those goals. Learn more:

SweetGreens- Changing the Way We Get Our Fast Food

Finding a fast food restaurant that serves good quality food can sometimes be challenging. There are lots of choices that are available but finding a place with good food and service is not always easy. Even more challenging is finding a place that does these things and also has healthy choices. Nathaniel Ru is working to change this. His restaurant chain SweetGreen’s is changing the way others look at running and sustaining their food operations.


A graduate of Georgetown University, Nathaniel Ru runs SweetGreen’s in partnership with s Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet. The trio became friends while taking an entrepreneurship class together. Nathaniel and his partners found that their area was lacking in healthy food options. The team want to change this dynamic and thus SweetGreen’s was born. Ru knew that he had a hit when the restaurant was able to survive winter break on the Georgetown campus. With most of the student body gone for vacation, Ru knew that his steady business was a sign he had something special. Learn more:


The leaders of SweetGreen’s don’t mind taking a slow approach. They are not in favor of in big corporate headquarters. They currently have 40 locations across the nation and they are comfortable growing at a rate different from many fast food chains. SweetGreens prides itself on speaking with the customer and knowing what is important to them. Ru and his partners also pride themselves on using technology. They have been leaders in the restaurant world in incorporating technology and its use into their company. Other restaurant leaders have stepped up and taken notice.


Nathaniel Ru is a graduate of Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business. He received his B.S. in Finance in 2007. Ru is passionate about business and helped to grow SweetGreen’s to 27 locations by the year 2015. Today the restaurant has more than 40 locations and continues to expand. Ru’s company has changed the way many others look at fast food and business. His company lives by the moto “food that fits. ” They want the food to fit customers values, their budget and perhaps most importantly their tastes. The world about Ru’s company is quickly spreading. In 2010 he and his partner did something out of the box when they launched Sweetlife. This is an amazing music and food festival that attracted more than 20,000 people. Ru and his company continue to be innovative in their approach. Their success with Sweetgreen’s is almost destined to continue well into the future. Learn more: