Adam Milstein: Partnerships in Jewish Education

To get ahead in life, a good education is often a must. However, for many people, accomplishing this goal is often difficult at best. However, for people like philanthropist Adam Milstein, he has chosen to commit himself to helping as many people as possible realize their educational goals. Through his Milstein Family Foundation and other endeavors, he and his wife Gila donate not only money, but also their time and life experience to show families as well as children of all ages that if they can dream it, they can achieve it.

Helping Future Jewish Generations

Realizing children are the future of the world, Adam Milstein puts in a tremendous amount of time and effort working with numerous groups. Through his Family Foundation, Adam Milstein works closely with children, young adults, and professionals to help them learn more about their Jewish heritage, and how that knowledge can be applied to the personal, professional, and educational areas of their lives. As a result, Adam Milstein helps to make communities across the world stronger, more close-knit, and proud of their heritage.

Working With Others

In addition to his foundation, Adam Milstein also works with many other groups to help others. A board member of such prestigious organizations as StandWithUs, Jewish Funders Network, and Birthright Israel, he devotes his time to these organizations, and knows he is putting his years of experience in business to the best use. Having earned college degrees in Economics and Business Administration, he uses the skills learned along the way in school, along with his many years of real estate experience, to assist others in discovering new and exciting opportunities in numerous areas of life. Whether helping to raise funds for Jewish schools, speaking to groups of college students, or helping nonprofit groups figure out ways to help those living in poverty, Adam is always there to help. No matter what type of help is needed, Adam is always willing to donate time, money, and wisdom to an organization in need of help. In doing so, he knows steps are being made to help others improve their lives and more