Former Director of Mint Phillip Diehl To Hold Special News Conference About Gold and Gold Reserves This Summer

Some of you might be familiar with this headline. It was used as a talking point last summer about a special conference that was held. U.S. Money Reserve held a conference in Texas to discuss numerous issues, and chief among these issues were cyber attacks and global terrorism.


This meeting was ultra-exclusive, invitation-only. Philip also discussed topics such as the national debt and our unstable world leadership.


Here are a few takeaways from the meeting Phillip held last July, in case you missed it.


1) Due to both domestic and international issues, paper money is no longer the hot commodity everyone thinks it is. According to U.S. Money Reserve and Phillip Diehl, more customers need to put their faith in gold.


2) You need to pay attention the events happening around you. Gold is impacted by these events every day. The price of gold will fluctuate, according to the positive and negative influences out there.


3) The traditional markets offer up a volatility that scares a lot of people. You need to think about you and your family’s future. Gold is what we call “wealth insurance”. The price of gold is going to fluctuate, but it offers a better bet than paper money.


To read a full transcript of his report at this meeting click here.


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