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The mechanics of hearing can be complex. Sound waves must bounce precisely off of tiny intricate inner ear structures to produce what we know as sound. As people age, the risks of developing some form of hearing loss rises. Individuals aged 40 and up can often show signs of deficient hearing, and those above age 70 have a very great risk of this hearing loss.

Even people at younger ages are showing hearing problems thought to be brought on by increased industrial noises, high impact louder sounds from close-to-ear earbuds and other headphones and environmental changes. Sussex Healthcare combines forces with the revered NHS to now provide an important and novel audiology service.

Some report hearing distortions of sound as their hearing becomes worse. With advanced audiology services, Sussex Healthcare has the capability to test a person’s hearing with a proven testing method. This invaluable area healthcare provider has taken care of elderly and special needs patients for decades now. Their efforts to stay on the cutting edge of newer healthcare practices and information remain a hallmark of this provider’s long and distinguished reputation. They make these services available to their in house patients, as well as to community network providers.

The experience that Sussex Healthcare and NHS bring to patient care shows in their dedicated commitment to offering a wide spectrum of holistic health services. When hearing is diminished, sounds often seem muted or muffled. People may begin to crank up their TV’s and music, and they might ask for people to repeat what they said over and over. Since this age-related type of hearing loss generally progresses slowly over time, individuals may not realize how hard of hearing that they really are. Experienced testing at the first onsets of hearing loss behaviors, and of the many high risk individuals, can go far towards avoiding the common isolation, depression, embarrassment and other feelings and behaviors typical of many longer term hearing deficient individuals.

Sussex Healthcare has announced its new hearing program to many accolades. Many individuals previously unable to locate top-quality audiology services now have an option. Newer hearing aids on the market are much less cumbersome and less likely to have annoying noises that sound like static, insects chirping or just higher noise volume that the individual cannot accurately decipher. These smaller devices have greater capabilities to restore normal hearing when the device is used properly.

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