Nutrisystem for Men Provides Weight Loss Solutions With Male Physiology in Mind


Not many men have the drive or time to commit weekly hours to long workouts to lose weight. When you combine work, family commitments, a gym membership that might not be used and the annoyance known as calorie counting, it makes finding an effective and cost friendly alternative important. Nutrisystem is that alternative.


Nutrisystem is a diet meal delivery plan that has the meals you’ll eat already prepared and favorably packaged. With it you won’t have to worry about portion control or meeting nutritional requirements because it’s already been done for you. The meals arrive pre-measured into portions that are easily storable and quick to prepare, which makes dieting easy for even the busiest fellow. No need to fret over what to eat, your choices will be ready for you to snatch, eat and leave.


The average man has natural advantages when it comes to burning fat, which makes Nutrisystem for men one of the most effective diet plans available for men. For example, men are naturally more muscular than women. Muscle has a high metabolic cost that makes it burn calories just by being there, meaning you can eat more and still lose weight. Since you have the ability to eat more calories on a diet you wont feel as depriving cutting calories. When women have to eat a few hundred less calories for healthy weight loss, you’ll be eating sizeable meals and getting full.


Women are also designed to hold fat because they make babies. Their bodies produce estrogen, the female sex hormone, and one of the effects is to encourage fat storage to help keep the babies growing. Men are lucky that their sex hormone testosterone does the opposite. It stimulates muscle mass and a higher metabolism, which makes it much easier to lose body fat with not a lot of effort.


Nutrisystem’s plan is designed for different types of people that want to lose weight, including teenagers and diabetics. It also pays special attention to gender. They understand that men lose weight differently and have diets formulated just for them. Men enjoy a vast variety of foods and still eat only 1500 calories per day. The Nutrisystem diet will have you losing a pound or two every week while hardly noticing that you’ve not eating as much as before.


Nutrisystem offers a delicious selection of foods. Some breakfast, lunch and dinner items include pancakes, waffles, granola cereal, tuna melts and meatballs in marinara sauce. You’ll probably eat better and enjoy food more on the Nutrisytem diet than you did eating your other way.


If you want to lose weight quicker, Nutrisystem has the Lean 13 for Men plan. Your journey is accelerated with a 7 day Turbo Takeoff early in the program: 1 week of specially designed meals, 1 week of protein and probiotic packed Turboshakes and 1 week of NutriCrush bars loaded with the protein and fiber that will help you stay fuller for a longer time. After the first week you’ll go on the conventional Nutrisystem diet plan for consistent weight loss, and can expect to lose up to 13 pounds during the first month. Good luck on becoming a better, healthier and more attractive person!