How Jorge Moll Has Incorporated Technology in Healthcare Sector

Jorge Moll is a prominent Brazilian investor, who is also a cardiologist by profession. As an investor, he is a co-founder of the nation’s biggest private group of hospitals called D’Or hospital network. He has become an influential figure in the country’s health and business sector. His tactic of incorporating technology in the provision of healthcare services has played a major role in making him successful in this industry.


The Role of Technology in Enhancing Patient Care and Treatment


Jorge Moll works at D’Or Institute for Research and Teaching as the president. On May 30, 2017, he wrote an article on Veja Rio on how technology can be adopted in the healthcare sector to improve both the treatment process and the quality of services that patients receive.In the article, he also talked about some of the benefits doctors get by embracing technological in their profession.


Use of technology in the health sector has come with a lot of benefits. The benefits witnessed in the digital technology are now being experienced in the healthcare sector. Some healthcare networks in America such as Sutter Health have been on the forefront in encouraging hospitals and medical practitioners to embrace technology.


Some Technological Innovations and Their Impacts


Google Glass is an innovation that has had a significant impact on the healthcare sector (GloboPlay). The device has made it easier for doctors to retrieve critical information about their patients within the blink of an eye. This technology has dramatically changed the way doctors serve patients.


The use of devices such as smartphones and tablets in the healthcare sector is gaining popularity. Numerous apps have been developed to enhance the provision of healthcare services. The ease access to data has enabled doctors to serve patients without physically meeting with them. Doctors can now recommend medication and evaluate the progress the patients are making while still miles apart.


The Overall Benefits of Technology


Technology has enhanced the interaction between doctors and their patients. The ease of data entry and retrieval has boosted this communication. In addition, the doctors can give enough concentration to their patients as technology has taken over the role of data entry and access. The availability of real data has also enhanced medical evaluation

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