Energy Distribution and Humanitarian Services-Stream Energy

Texas Retail Electric Provider Brand Trust Study published a report in 2017 in Cogent Reports. According to the study, it was clear that Stream Energy is greatly impacted by customer’s activities as well as the community. Texas Retail Electric Provider Brand Trusts carried out their study by surveying about 5881 Stream Energy customers on nine different factors among them; environmental dedication, local reputation, communication effectiveness, customer services, billing, competitive rates, enhanced offering, as well as reliable quality. Texas residence wants their energy provider, Stream Energy to be supportive in times of disaster as they were during the Hurricane Harvey. The representative who will be quick at their service will be greatly awarded long-term business success as well as customer trust.

Stream Energy has been active in the community and recently it contributed $25000 million to the people affected by Hurricane Harvey through American Red Cross ( In addition Stream, Energy waved late fees for their customers who used their wireless services as well as energy for clients were not able to make their payment during the disaster and also the recovery period. Another group of people who were to benefit included those affected by Hurricane Irma and the organization swayed the international calls between the United States and other countries affected by the storm.

Stream Energy is a leading direct selling organization as well as the largest provider of connected life services. Stream Energy is a Dallas, Texas-based firm that was founded in 2005. Stream Energy provides quality energy services as well as products which include; home services, energy services, wireless services, as well as protective services. The energy service provider was created with a primary mandate of delivering quality services that will keep their clients on the go with the latest lifestyle, and keep them connected.

Ever since the foundation of the company; it has been expanding and within a short period it has extended their services and products to other regions including; Georgia, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington D.C as well as Texas. Stream Energy is working hard to further expand their services and according to their management team, the firm’s services will soon be experienced in Illinois.