Siteline Cabinetry: Designing the Subtle Centerpiece of Your Kitchen

Siteline Cabinetry is a company committed to providing your kitchen with the warmth and welcoming feeling you strive for from your home. With their teams of committed carpenters, craftsmen, and designers, Siteline can assist you in deciding on your perfect cabinets and have them installed in no time at all. Siteline Cabinetry has become one of the most renowned cabinet providers thanks to their varying styles, commitment to quality, and to achieving the look you want for your kitchen.

When Pat Corsi founded The Corsi Group in 1973, it was done with a business administration loan, and he was one of the only employees. In the past forty plus years, however, the company has grown steadily and have opened up two more bases of operation in addition to their original headquarters in Indianapolis. One is located in Elkins, West Virginia, while the Siteline Cabinetry facility opened in Keysville, Virginia, in the third quarter of 2015. Today, the Corsi Group, and in conjunction, Siteline Cabinetry, employee over two hundred. Pat Corsi would note the opening of the Siteline facility as a massive step forward for the business he himself founded, essentially unassisted.

With several different styles and options available for your kitchen, it’s no wonder Siteline has become such a powerhouse in the cabinetry community. With their shaker style cabinets, Siteline offer their own take on this classic cabinet design. However, if you’re looking for something that speaks to your family, and home, Siteline offer personalized cabinets in a multitude of different styles. The designer’s at Siteline are masters at achieving the middle ground of form and function; the two most important aspects of cabinet design.

After their initial assessment of your kitchen space, and finding the best way to work within your budget, Siteline’s expert team of designers and craftsmen will go to work on your dream cabinetry. With affordable pricing and cost effective concepts, Siteline can get you the most bang for your buck. A short four to five week lead time assures that your cabinets will be installed just weeks after your initial call. Let Siteline install your kitchen’s subtle centerpiece today!