Avaaz Files a Petition that Seeks to Overturn the Court’s Decision on Fox Acquisition Deal

A major opponent of Fox’s efforts to purchase Sky has filed a petition to oppose the deal. Avaaz is demanding UK regulators to overturn their decisions that favored the pay-TV provider. The advocacy group believes that the 21st Century Fox is not legally competent to have a broadcasting license under the leadership of billionaire Rupert Murdoch.

The lawyer representing Avaaz wrote a letter to the UK’s Office of Communications stating that the first Ofcom’s ruling was full of errors of fact, reasoning, and law. The lawyer called on the legislators to do a fresh review of Fox’s plan to buy the 61 percent of Sky. Fox already owns 39 percent of Sky. Office of Communications utilized an incorrect legal standard, overlooked important and appropriate evidence, made factual errors, and relied on assurance from the Fox executive.

What is Avaaz?

Avaaz is a civic organization located in the U.S. The organization started its operations back in January 2007. Its main agenda is to promote global activities on a wide array of issues, including corruption, climate change, poverty, animal rights, and human rights. The Guardian named Avaaz as the largest and most influential online activist network. Since its establishment in 2009, the advocacy group has not received donations from corporations or foundations. It has also not accepted payments of over $5,000. Avaaz depends on the generosity of its members. The members of this advocacy group have raised more than $20 million.


Canadian-British Ricken Patel acts as the managing director and president of Avaaz. He is a former scholar of Balliol College, who holds a degree in the disciplines of philosophy, politics, and economics. He obtained public policy masters from Harvard University. He has extensive expertise in working with the prominent International Crisis Group in different countries across the globe, including Sudan, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, and Liberia.