Sawyer Howitt’s Take on Entrepreneurship

Sawyer Howitt is a high school senior he is a junior achiever who despite his tender age having been born in 2000 in Portland Manhattan he has consolidated his talents, efforts, and research on his internships, studies, and efforts on business and finance. At this young age, Howitt has the developed a keen interest and in hindsight given himself an ability to understand the operational and financial needs of businesses across various sectors and industries. This has enabled him to appreciate a brands soul, resonance, and the critical role that is the connection to its consumers.

He is a firm believer of acquiring and continuously growing his skills. He also natures his hobbies to become more than just hobbies he is now proficient in Photography, Customer Service, Financial Services and Brand Management.

In order to gain proficiency in customer service, he worked with KURE Juice Bar in their Customer Service department in 2015 for a period of 3 months. The experience here enabled him to gain hands-on experience on how to deal with customers as well as how to effectively communicate with them.

He then moved to RFID Checkout working as a Business Strategy Analyst from 2015 to 2016 a period of 11 months.Here Sawyer worked with a small team of executives their core mandate was to redesign the brick and mortar retail experience by incorporating innovative technology and new experiences.

He is currently with The Meriwether Group as a Project Manager and is expected to hold this position for nine months. They have named him a Trusted advisor who is committed to changing the structure of commerce through the development of both small and large scale business ideas and development. Sawyer has impressed on the need for every aspiring entrepreneur to hone their People Skills and/or find a Sociable Partner.

Entrepreneurship involves a lot of talking and most of it will be to strangers who will be of different value to the business they may investors or clients. as an entrepreneur, there will need to direct employees who will determine the growth of your business as well as its ability to achieve results on time. There is also a need for every business leader to be conversant with numbers as they are always included in your key performance indicators.