Securus Technologies – Rightly Following the Motto of “Connecting What Matters.”

The motto of Securus Technologies is “Connecting What Matters,” and it is precisely what the company is doing. The company offers highly innovative, efficient, and economic inmates communications services that allow the inmates to communicate with their loved outside the jail. Such technology plays a significant role in keeping the sanity of prisoners balanced and also contributes to reducing the crime rate in the correctional facilities. The inmate communication services offered by Securus Technologies is amongst the lowest priced in the industry, which ensures that the inmates can make voice or videos calls more often than it is possible on other networks offered by the counterparty.


Securus Technologies does not only focus on providing cutting edge technologies and services but provides equal importance to the customer service as well. It helps the company to ensure that it retains the customers it has made and also improves brand image and customers’ loyalty. The inmates can enjoy most of the communication services offered by the company over their Android or Apple smartphones. The company has its operating platform for the inmate communication services it offers, which is known as ConnectUs. It is considered to be one of the most advanced operating systems for communication services in the correctional industry. With the company continuing its research and development, the quality of its products and services are only expected to get better with time.


Securus Technologies has been a market leader in the field of offering crime prevention, criminal justice technology, and inmate communication services for over three decades. It has made Securus Technologies one of the most trusted names in the business of inmate communications and offering advanced security technology to the law enforcement agencies. The company even has a technology center based in Dallas, where there are research and development taking place around the clock to develop new and advanced products for the sector.