Waiakea the Most Premium Water Packaged in an Eco-Friendly Bottle

Bottled water for a long time has not been appealing to many people especially individuals who are environmentally conscious. The plastic bottles pollute the environment, and this has been changed by a new entrant in the beverages industry Ryan Emmons who is the owner of Waiakea a company bottling the most premium water in the world.

The bottled water is branded Hawaiian Volcanic Water. The company was launched in 2012 after Ryan noticed something unique with water in Hawaii. The water is very healthy and natural, and this has made it very appealing to consumers across the world.

Global Newswire said that the Waiakea water is collected from a natural source on the highland of Hawaii. The water is filtered in a very natural way on the Mauna Loa Volcano.

The mineral composition of the water can not be found in any other bottled water in the world. It is rich in Sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium. Learn more about Waiakea water: http://www.elle.com/beauty/health-fitness/a32285/alkaline-water-health-benefits-claims/

Very few brands of water have the required amounts of silica, but this water has 30mg giving it a very silky and soft feel in your mouth. Research has been conducted, and it has ascertained that drinking 10mg of silica daily reduces the chances of contracting Alzheimer’s by over 11%.

The water has a pH that ranges between 7.8 and 8.8 this makes it unique because most of the bottled water in the market has artificially added alkalinity.

Drinking water that has been alkalinized artificially exposes the consumer to health risks, and you should avoid it. The Hawaiian Volcanic water packaging is done in a facility that uses renewable energy this is done to ensure sustainability.

The packaging of this water makes sure that the environment is fully conserved the bottles are made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate the bottles use 85% less energy when they are being manufactured compared to other plastic bottles.

The water sourced from Waiakea Springs has given Ryan Emmons a lot of money, and he is giving back to the society in a big way. He has partnered with Pump Aid to ensure that challenged families in Africa have access to clean drinking water.