Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi is a Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management where he is also the Founder of the company. Adrangi has played a part in several large rolls in the company since the beginning of the organization in 2009. Sahm Adrangi started this company with a little less than a million dollars. At this time the company has held over one [...]

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Madison Street Capital Recognized by M&A Awards

When Madison Street Capital was founded several years ago, nobody knew that it was going to experience the amount of success it enjoys at the moment. The founders of the [...]

Dick DeVos Recap Article

In the early 1990s, Dick DeVos was looking at plans for a multi-purpose sports and convention area that would be located north of downtown in Grand Rapids. The DeVos family [...]

Adam Milstein: Partnerships in Jewish Education

To get ahead in life, a good education is often a must. However, for many people, accomplishing this goal is often difficult at best. However, for people like philanthropist [...]

Gregory Aziz And The Resurgence of National Steel Car

National Steel Car was once a dominant business in Canada, being a leading manufacturer of railroad freight cars. However, it would suffer as the Great Depression began, [...]

Gregory Aziz And A Small Company In Hamilton, Ontario

When we think of modern railroad tycoons, not many names come to mind. The railroads have been struggling in the last several decades, and consumers are starting to turn away [...]

Joel Friant: Entrepreneur, Success Trainer and Creator of the Habanero Shaker

Joel Friant is an entrepreneur who has specifically focused on product creation, home business and subconscious success training. Mr. Friant had a brief career in real [...]

AvaTrade Review: Should You Trade With Or Not?

Most businesses make big promises than the real deal, but is this the case with AvaTrade? This review will explain better. Who are they? This is a forex broker that has [...]

Oxford Club Expands Services

Preparing for your financial future is a very important responsibility that all people need to take seriously. When you were looking to prepare for your financial future, you [...]

Why are the Cabinets Such an Important Part of the Kitchen?

When you go into the kitchen, rather it is for food - or just to spend time with your family, you want to walk into a stylish and clean room. There are so many ways to [...]

Former Director of Mint Phillip Diehl To Hold Special News Conference About Gold and Gold Reserves This Summer

Some of you might be familiar with this headline. It was used as a talking point last summer about a special conference that was held. U.S. Money Reserve held a conference in [...]